We welcome those who raise children with special needs and therefor interested in our playground project because they also want to take part in the noisy life of playgrounds. Hello to those who are just parents visiting playgrounds and would like their children to see and learn to accept different types of people.We welcome the ones interested due to their profession and the ones who are just open to our work for no special reason, who simply believe in all children's basic right to play on a seesaw.We would also like to welcome our friends and our future friends, and all of you who are supporting us in realizing our big dream: suitable playgrounds for children with all kind of abilities.On this blog you can read about our story, our experience so far, and our thoughts about the world, playgrounds and social integration - all this from the point of view of special kids' parents.Join us, have fun or think and discuss about what you read here. Support us if you can and donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Please share our story to help us find our supporters so that our dream can come true!

2015. május 14., csütörtök



On the 16th day of our campaign WE HAVE REACHED OUR ORIGINAL GOAL and we have not finished yet! Thank you all! Thank you for the financial and non-financial contribution, for the ideas, brainstorming, sharing our story, newspaper or online articles, media contacts and for the encouragement!
As the campaign lasts another 17 days on Indiegogo we have the opportunity to set another goal together with the next phase of the project.
Our next funding goal is to build the prototype of the Dune, a complex playground equipment. It has a small climbing wall, an elevated sand pitch and a play desk with small toys. Those capable to can climb up on the device while others can sit or lay on the ergonomic seats with safety bars and enjoy playing with the sand or on the play desk. Thus children with all abilities can again play together here.

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