We welcome those who raise children with special needs and therefor interested in our playground project because they also want to take part in the noisy life of playgrounds. Hello to those who are just parents visiting playgrounds and would like their children to see and learn to accept different types of people.We welcome the ones interested due to their profession and the ones who are just open to our work for no special reason, who simply believe in all children's basic right to play on a seesaw.We would also like to welcome our friends and our future friends, and all of you who are supporting us in realizing our big dream: suitable playgrounds for children with all kind of abilities.On this blog you can read about our story, our experience so far, and our thoughts about the world, playgrounds and social integration - all this from the point of view of special kids' parents.Join us, have fun or think and discuss about what you read here. Support us if you can and donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Please share our story to help us find our supporters so that our dream can come true!

2015. június 1., hétfő


Well, this is the end! But only for the campaign. Everything else starts just now. An uplifting period of 40 days is over. We got so much love, encouragement, in-kind contribution that often we were moved to tears. Thank You the 100th time 'cause this success is yours as much as ours. So much happened during these 40 days it's actually hard to believe that it's over. We were sitting there with Eszter and Flóra and lauched our campaign on Indiegogo (gosh during editing the campaign page I was always worried not to press that big red button with 'Launch now' on it). In 5 minutes we were having our first television interview. In the next weeks we talked about our project and ourselves and our project all over and over again in different media, and we negotiated with manifacturers and held meetings and exchanged hundreds of e-mails per day, and our children were pulling our arms 'cause they had got used to spend more time with us. Well time has came when instead of making sand castle with them we were chatting with journalists but at least there is the comfort that our kids and other kids will eventually have a cool inclusive playground. And thanks to you, contributors they will indeed get one. And they will be thankful when they will understand all this. As we have already said we will not stop at installing our first prototype - our dream is to transform as many playgrounds into inclusive ones as possible so that anyone can use them. And we know exactly that taking over these playgrounds will be difficult at the beginning. My son, Jancsi for example will curse the first time I will try to put him on that strange new thing. And he will curse few more times until he will start liking it and using it. But eventually he will understand that this a new stuff and he can play with the others on it who will know his name by then. We promise we won't disappear, we will have other gatherings like inaugurations of inclusive playgrounds or MagikMe parties where we can chat with each others regardless of our abilities. We will send you the perks you asked for, you will be in MC Sena's song if you requested it. We will inform you about how things go on, we will send you invitations and news, photos and updates. So we are definitely not saying goodbye now, just thanking you from the bottom of our heart.